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Savvy Coaching

Growth and Transformation Starts Here and Now!

As a professionally trained coach, I empower individuals to achieve greater clarity, focus, momentum and confidence in career and business.


I believe that the answers my clients seek are already within them. My role is to guide you in uncovering these answers through a process that fosters awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence during each coaching session. I facilitate learning through coaching competencies such as creating awareness, powerful questioning and other tools.

I support my client's journey to success through my coaching specialties, which includes helping professionals discover their mission, overcoming obstacles, resolving work-related issues, and navigating career transitions.

I achieve this by establishing a relationship off trust and the highest ethical standards set forth by the International Coaching Federation.

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Introdction to Coaching

Coaching is Effective & Impactful.

Coaching is Effective & Impactful


99% of people who have worked with a coach are satisfied with the experience and 96% would recommend coaching to others


Individuals who work with coaches often report improvements in confidence, communication skills, work-life balance, and overall well-being


Coaching resulted in a 61% improvement in job performance, compared to 22% with training alone

Source: International Coaching Federation (ICF)

New to Coaching? Say less!

New to Coaching?

Whether you're curious about coaching or ready to dive in, this section is your guide to understanding the basics. From defining coaching versus consulting, therapy, and mentoring to exploring how coaching can benefit you, consider this your introduction to a transformative journey. Let's demystify coaching together and discover how it can empower you to reach your fullest potential.

First, let's address the elephant in the room...

The cultural stigma around seeking help

The cultual stigma around seeking help

Historically, there has been a cultural stigma around mental health and seeking professional help within the Black community, for often valid reasons, and a preference for relying on family, friends, or spiritual support. This stigma can also extend into coaching. As a Black woman who navigates the professional space and serves clients of varying backgrounds, I'm here to offer a culturally sensitive approach by addressing the issue and making coaching more accessible and accepted within the Black community.

Understand the difference

Understand the difference

A common misconception exists that often blurs the lines between coaching, consulting and therapy. I aim to educate and bring clarity to this in order to help you make an educated decision on what you may be in need of at this present time, and how we can effectively work together.

Typical reasons you might need coaching
  • You have an urgent, compelling or exciting challenge, decision, stretch goal or opportunity

  • You have a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources

  • You have a desire to accelerate results

  • You have a lack of clarity with choices to be made

  • Your work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences

  • Your core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to leverage them

  • You feel stuck or unsure about how to continue your success, now facing new obstacles you haven't encountered before

  • You need help with a plan driven by your needs with accountability

  • You are capable of identifying solutions, but need help uncovering them

  • You need someone who knows how to ask the right questions to uncover your own answers and solutions

Coaching/Client relationships are typically long-term and are focused on helping clients achieve their goals through a structured, goal-oriented approach.

While coaches typically have a specialized niche, they are specially trained to coach outside of their area of expertise through a structured approach.

Why Coach With Me?

I am a professionally trained coach through the World Coach Institute. In addition, I am actively in training to receive certified credentialing through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My training requires that I uphold the highest standards of ethical guidelines and confidentiality with my clients. ICF is a globally recognized federation with a community of 55k+ successful coach alumni. I am trained across coaching competencies that enable me to empower my clients on their journey.

Why Coaching?

Is One Session Enough?

Is One Session Enough?

Coaching is not (always) a one and done session. It's a process of helping you become aware of tactical solutions to help further enhance your career or business. That could equate to multiple sessions focused on tackling each individual goal. Therefore, a client enters into a contractual agreement with me as a coach for a determined amount of time as the client determines. This discovery happens during our consultation.

Everyone Needs a Coach

Everyone Needs a Coach

When professionally applied, the benefits of coaching has extensive impact, delivering value to individuals and organizations. Working with a professional coach (with certifiable training), can reap great, quality rewards as shown in the following study results out of 361 participants.


Accelerated on-boarding to new professional role


Improved business management strategies


Improved communication skills


No Impact


Expanded professional career opportunities


Increased self-confidence


Increased productivity


Increased well-being


Optimized work performance


Improved work/life balance

Source: ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study 2017 - Base 361

How do I start?

I am excited about the possibility of entering into a coaching relationship with you. Our consultation will let us know if we are a great fit for each other with no obligations attached. You'll even benefit from my introductory rates offered for a limited time only. So, let's get started today!

Step 1

Client Assessment

I'll need some preliminary info about you prior to our discussion to help me prepare. Submit the following assessment form prior to our consultation. Your information is confidential and upheld by ethical standards set forth by the International Coaching Federation. After you submit, you'll be directed to my calendar to book your FREE discovery call where I'll learn more about your current goals.

Step 2

FREE Consultation

If we decide to establish a coaching relationship, you'll be sent over information regarding my coaching contract and you'll have the option to select a single coaching session or a 2 or 3-session package (3+ session packages are discounted). You'll be asked to submit your signed contract and submit payment prior to starting our sessions.


How Do I Start?
Client Assessment
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