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Hey Savvy Pro!

Whether you're new to my journey or been here since I relaunched my business, I'm just glad you're here!

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My Savvy Girl Brand Story

Savvy Girl Brand®, founded by Faith Thompson, was created to empower savvy women of faith and industry with inspiring digital content across platforms, along with products and services that help propel career women forward. The brand focuses on multi-faceted women by sharing insight, tools and resources to "be intentionally successful."


From The Founder:

"Over the years, I've been behind the scenes contributing to the career and business growth of many professionals, entrepreneurs, and faith-based leaders, seeking resume and career development, as well as website and business development since 2007. After realigning my mission and asking God where this was going, I discovered more insight into what my "mission-driven business" should and would become.


The brand includes an expanded reach that includes group coaching events, webinars, fund-raising for small mission-driven start-ups, talks and more, to empower our audience more impactfully. Sign up to my newsletter for updates."

Note: While our brand is mostly geared towards women, we do not withhold our services based on gender and have proudly served individuals of all genders. In fact, 30+ percent of our audience identify as male.

Want to Collaborate?

I'm always looking for new collaborations. Let's connect!


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